Guest Player - Procedures

Guest Player - Procedures

Rostered Recreational guest players are allowed in the following age groups:

Academy players are not allowed to play in the recreational division unless they are registered on both an Academy and Recreational roster.

Competitive players are not allowed to play in the recreational division.

  • U6 – 1 guest player not to exceed the maximum roster limits.
  • U7 & U8 – 1 guest player not to exceed the maximum roster limits.
  • U9 & U10 – up to 2 guest players not to exceed the maximum roster limits.
  • U11 thru U14 – up to 3 guest players not to exceed the maximum roster limits for each age group.
  • U15 thru U19 – up to 3 guest players not to exceed the maximum roster limits for eachage group.

*All guest players must be age appropriate for age group and no more players than the age group allows.
*Should any questions arise, the Tournament Director will confirm player or team status.


In order for guest players to be approved for play, compliance with the items below is required:

  1. GUEST PLAYER FORM - Coach or Manager from the state of Oklahoma must fill out & submit the Oklahoma Soccer Association guest player form before a guest player can be added to your tournament roster and attend the tournament. A PDF copy of the completed form must also be uploaded into GotSoccer for Online Check-in by the deadline to verify the appropriate paperwork has been submitted to OSA.
  2. OFFICIAL ROSTER: Coach or Manager must upload the guest player’s “Official Roster” to verify the guest player is age appropriate and currently registered with a sanctioned club. You can obtain an “Official Roster” from the guest player’s club registrar or club president. GotSport Rosters will not be accepted. Click Here for an example of a GotSport Roster – do not submit this it will hold up your team’s check-in procedure.
  3. MEDICAL RELEASE: Coach or Manager must have a medical release for each guest player signed by the parent/guardian at the field for all games. Click to view/download: USYS Medical Release Form.
  4. PLAYER PASS: Coach or Manager must upload the guest player’s Player Pass for Check-in and have a laminated color pass at the field for all games. (Only if the league in which they play requires Player Passes)  
  5. OSA DIRECT REGISTRATION: If a guest player is not rostered with a club they will need to direct register with Oklahoma Soccer Association as a tournament player. The parent/guardian must click this link: to start the process. Please also be aware that a copy of the player’s birth certificate will be requested and the registration process make take several days to complete.  Email the birth certificate to or call 405-286-0488 for more information.
    • There is a small fee (less than $20) to direct register.
    • NOTE: This process may take several days and must be completed in time to upload the paperwork for Online Check-in by the Deadline. (do not wait until the week of the tournament to direct register a player, it will be too late) Proof of direct registration and player pass (U11-U19) are required to be uploaded for Online Check-in before the deadline. 

Can a Guest Player ‘play down’ an age group?
No. A player can only guest play for a team which is age appropriate for the player. This means that a U13 player cannot play down on a U12 team. Note: A player that regularly plays up in an older age group can guest play for a team which is the same as their true age. For example a U12 player that is playing up on a U14 team during the regular season can guest play for a U12 team.

Can a Guest Player ‘Play Up’ an age group?
Yes. Guest Players can ‘Play Up’ one age group as is permitted for regular season rosters.

Can Competitive or Academy Player guest play for a Recreational Team?
No. A player who is rostered on an Academy or Competitive Team cannot play on a Recreational Team. If an Academy player is also currently rostered on a recreational team, then, yes, they may guest play for a recreational team. A copy of their recreational team roster must be uploaded for Online Check-in before the deadline as proof.


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