ISSC Policies

BASC and City of Broken Arrow Penalty Box Policy

U9 and above teams are not allowed to warm up in the Penalty area before games, at halftime, or after games. This includes warming up the Goalie and any non-player activities. The only activity in the Penalty Box will be during games. Please advise players, coaches, managers and spectators of this policy. Teams who do not comply immediately or violate the policy repeatedly will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include a fine, a deduction of team points, forfeiture of game or expulsion from the tournament.

Team/Spectator Seating Requirements

  • For U6 to U8 Teams: The home team sidelines location will be the East or North side of the field and the visiting team will be located on the West or South side of the field. The home team is listed first on the pairings in the qualifying rounds, and is the team on top in the brackets for the quarter/semi-final and final rounds. Each team and its spectators will remain on its designated side of the field throughout the match.
  • For U9 to U19 Teams: Teams shall be seated on the side of the field having technical area markings. Spectators shall be seated on the opposite side of the field from team (where bleachers are located - as available) and must remain behind the painted standoff line. Signs will be posted at each field. Coaches are required to remain within their respective technical areas unless invited onto the field of play by the official.
  • There shall be no coaches or spectators behind the goal line.


ALL HEAD COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL BEHAVIOR, THAT OF THEIR TEAM’S STAFF AND PLAYERS AND THAT OF THEIR SPECTATORS. Referee abuse (by coaches, players or spectators) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and head coaches can and will be sent off. Coaches/Players sent off will be required to sit out the next scheduled match (semi and final matches included).  

Field Marshal Duties for BASC Teams

BASC teams are required to designate one field marshal from their team for each game played. He/She will not miss their child's game. He/She will be assigned to watch their player's game and the game next to it. Please check in at Tournament Headquarters 20 minutes prior to the start of the game to receive a 2 way radio and a vest. In the event of any problems or emergencies, the field marshal should call for assistance on the radio.