BASC Missing Child Procedure


  1. Call Police (911)

  2. Obtain description of missing child: Name, Sex, Clothing, Height, and Weight, Obtain Picture if available.

  3. BAPD advises to have the parent of the missing child stay with tournament officials until the police can talk to them to get pictures and other important information about the child. (If parent leaves after notifying tournament officials, this process can take longer and time is of the essence!)

  4. Send tournament officials to all entrances and exits until the Police can arrive. Deny anyone exiting! If vehicle demands to leave write down Tag Number and Description of Vehicle.

  5. Notify all Volunteers and Referees and initiate a search of entire complex, including restrooms, concession stands, parking lots and maintenance sheds.

  6. Sound All Clear with one long air blast on the Air Horn when child is found.