BASC Coach and Manager Registration



ALL adults (18yrs and older) who have contact with BASC players during practice, games or other team activities must register with BASC and pass a background check annually. This includes parents helping out at practice and/or games. (A parent who is helping the team can register as a team manager.)



Email the Club Head Coach for help!



All Coaches must register each season via the GotSport registration link below. If you have not created a GotSport account, you will need to in order to register. Your old GotSoccer username and password is no longer valid. Once you create a new account you will be able to register multiple players within one account. Start by clicking on the coach or manager registration link below, then click "Create An Account".


If you have already created a GotSport account, you just need to log in and proceed with registration.



If you experience issues while registering, please call GotSoccer Support at 1-904-746-4446 and they will be able to walk you through the process.


Coach Registration for the Spring 2021 season. 

Team Manager Registration for the Spring 2021 season.




Background Check  Free mandatory check once per year

SafeSport - It's Mandatory - It's The Law  Free mandatory training must be taken once per year

Concussion Awareness and Coach Course/Test   Free mandatory training must be taken once every 3 years.


Why BASC Requires Registration, Background Checks & Risk Management Testing.

The statistics are frightening. Fact: One out of every four girls and one out of every six boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. Fact: Pedophiles are drawn to places where there are children. All youth sports, including youth soccer, are such places. Given the importance of protecting youth soccer players, BASC has implemented a Risk Management program which includes the registration, annual back ground check & other mandatory Risk Management testing of club volunteers.

Every BASC volunteer must have completed their registration and complied with all Risk Management processes before he/she can volunteer with the club, which will in turn be submitted to OSA. In summary, all adults who participate in team activities are required to register with BASC and complete the required Risk Management processes annually.  OSA reviews the submitted forms and provides approval/denial of eligibility to participate to the Club.  It is the responsibility of each team’s Head Coach to ensure that no person participates with any team activity unless these requirements are fulfilled.
At this time, BASC requests that all team head coaches review their team accounts for registered assistant coaches and team managers.  If you need to add registrations please have the person(s) register via the links above. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action against the team’s Head Coach.
If you have any questions or need assistance in registering Assistant Coaches or Managers please contact the BASC Club Head Coach.

Thank you for your cooperation in providing a safe environment for our players!