Goal Keeper Training

U8 through U10 from 5pm to 6pm

U11 through U12 from 6pm to 7pm

U13 through U19 from 7pm to 8pm

ISSC Field 29

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Why go to Goalkeeping Training?


The most recent soccer World Cup & performances in leagues around the world have highlighted the importance of Goalkeepers in the pursuit of team success. Big money transfers of players like -Thibaut Courtois- to Real Madrid and US Soccer National Men’s Team goalkeeper – Zach Steffen – from MLS side Columbus Crew to Manchester City have brought Goalkeeping to the forefront.


We must accept the fact that Goalkeeping is a neglected area of the game in most soccer programs. It is challenging for teams to incorporate goalkeeper skill training into their team sessions. Although our BASC coaches are encouraged to utilize and involve their Goalkeepers in sessions as much as possible. It is important for Goalkeepers to receive specialist positional training so that they may improve their abilities– not just their shot stopping skills often used in team practice.


There stands only one Goalkeeper on the field at one time for each team; safeguarding the goal and standing as the last line in defense for their team, but also the first line of attack, if empowered to. For holding such high responsibility, these players/goalkeepers deserve the opportunity to learn their skills in a Goalkeeper centered environment, so they may develop to match the growth rate of their outfield counterparts.




Goal keeper training sessions teach players methods for kicking, saving and diving safely and effectively. The objective is to teach goal keepers not only to play their position well, but also in a way that minimizes injury. The players are also given exercises to do at home to help them continue to develop their skills throughout the week.




Questions regarding GK training for Coach Adam or Coach Suzie?
email oklahomagoalkeeping@gmail.com