Express Vision

Express Vision



Provide BASC players the environment and additional training opportunity to further enhance their skills and knowledge of the game. 



Emphasize individual player development over team building and focus on the creative and technical development of each child without the pressure of short-term wins, losses, or results.


Style of Play

The Express objective is to teach players to play possession soccer with an attacking style of play and to build out of the back. The coaching staff focuses on teaching the players the team shape, player movements and player decisions on the ball.



There are no tryouts for Express. Express provides participants the opportunity to train with players of similar ability. The program aims to provide a consistent level of competition in each session. Express offers boys & girls the opportunity for advanced development in soccer through a progressive and sophisticated curriculum with the flexibility of a unique academy structure. The objective of the curriculum is to develop each of the four components of a player: Technical, Tactical, Psychological, and Physical in a progressive and age-appropriate manner. 



Develop creative and technical players in the game of soccer and life.