Indian Spring Soccer Complex

Home of the Broken Arrow Soccer Club

The Indian Springs Soccer Complex (ISSC) has been home to BA Soccer Club since 1981. The soccer fields are located at the southern end of 145th East Ave (Aspen Ave) in Broken Arrow. The soccer complex is maintained in partnership by BA Soccer Club and the City of Broken Arrow. BASC is proud to call ISSC its home!


Complex Maps and Directions

Indian Springs Soccer Complex Field Map

Driving Directions to Indian Springs Soccer Complex

Complex Address

13600 South 145th East Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74011 (145th East Ave is also known as Aspen Ave)

Complex Rules

Goal Safety Policy:
Goal Safety Warning!  Never climb on or hang on soccer goals or nets.  Goals can fall over causing serious injury or death.   


Prohibited Field Activity Policy:
Activity on all fields is restricted to official scheduled use only with the exception of pre-game player warm ups. Player warm ups may be conducted on the field outside of the penalty areas (as designated by the field markings approximately 18 yards from the goal line). NO ACTIVITY IN THE PENALTY AREAS IS PERMITTED PRE OR POST GAME. This policy is enforced to reduce wear of the turf in the penalty areas in order to provide the best possible playing conditions for games. This restriction includes Goalie warm up and any non-player activities. Teams having players or spectators violating this policy will be afforded a single warning. 
A fine of $75 will be issued to teams who fail to comply.  Failure to pay the fine will result in the prohibition of your team from all activities at Indian Springs Sports Complex. Repeated offenses may result in permanent prohibition from the complex. Please help us maintain the quality of our fields by reducing the wear and tear of this most heavily trafficked area of the field.

No Acitivity In the Goal Box Pre or Post Game Fine


Referee Abuse Policy:
Referee abuse is not tolerated at ISSC. Verbal or physical abuse of a referee will be grounds for discipline during and after the match. Physical abuse of a referee will be reported to the police and charges will be filed. Unruly spectators may be cause for the respective coach to be disciplined by the referee. Any dismissed coach must immediately leave the field area to a location outside the fenceline or at least 100 yards away, whichever is greater.


Inclement Weather:
Click here to view/download the BASC Inclement Weather Policy.

Please note that an automatic lightning detector system is in use at ISSC - please review the policy above for details.


Tobacco Policy:
For the safety and health of players and spectators BASC requests that all tobacco use (including cigarettes, e-cigarettes and vaporizors) be kept outside the fenced field areas.


No Pet Policy:
We ask that pet owners please leave their pets at home during games.  Indian Springs Soccer Complex is especially busy with multiple hundreds of people watching & playing games which can be overwhelming to our beloved pets.  This rule does not apply to animals who aid persons with a sight, hearing or slight disability or by use of police.

City Ordinance Sec. 5-18. - Bringing dog to assembly of over one thousand people.

It shall be unlawful and a class C offense for any person to bring a dog to an assembly of over 1,000 people, such as Rooster Days, whether or not such animal is at large or under control; provided this shall not apply to police dogs used in law enforcement, or as an aide to a person with a hearing or slight disability.