Practice Information

Practice Information


Where: Practice fields are located within the city limits of Broken Arrow with the exception of the Health Department Fields. Approximately 180 teams and 1600 players share practice fields stretched across the City of BA! Parents should plan accordingly to drive their player to practice within the vicinity of BA or to the Health Department fields. All BASC coaches pick out their practice field locations based on its availability to them – just because you live in a certain area does NOT mean you will practice close by! You may practice 8-10 miles away – plan accordingly.


BE AWARE! BASC cannot place a player on a specific team that only practices at a certain location or on a certain day or time of the week. The logistics of placing 1600 players on teams takes several weeks and hundreds of hours by a parent volunteer! BASC cannot pick a team based on where or when they practice. Do not email the club to request this.


Time: Your coach will let you know what time practice begins. Usually, but not always, practices begin around 5:30pm, depending on the coach’s work schedule, daylight savings time and the availability of a practice field for the team. Your coach will let you know what time your child’s practice will be at the beginning of the season.


⚽️ U6 players practice once per week for approximately 60 minutes.

⚽️ U7-U19 players practice twice a week for approximately 90 minutes.


Most recreational teams begin practice 2 weeks before the first game of the season.

Rec plus teams may begin as early 3-4 weeks before the first game.