Sideline Rules For Teams

BASC ISSC Team/Spectator Seating and Behavior Policy


⚽️ There shall be no climbing of trees, fences, goals, nets or other structures not specifically designed for such by any person.

⚽️ There shall be no coaches or spectators behind the goal lines.

⚽️ BASC DOES NOT TOLERATE REFEREE ABUSE. All coaches, players and spectators are required to abide by the BASC Codes of Conduct at all times.

⚽️ ALL COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL BEHAVIOR, THAT OF THEIR TEAM'S STAFF/PLAYERS AND THAT OF THEIR SPECTATORS. A COACH MAY BE SENT OFF FOR FAILING TO CONTROL THEIR SIDELINE. In the event a coach is unable to control a specific spectator after repeated attempts the coach shall contact the club to intervene and the club will address the problem directly.

⚽️  Any coach sent off must leave the field area to a location outside the fence line or at least 100 yards away whichever is greater. No communications from the ejected coach may be made with the team or team staff for the remainder of the match.

 ⚽️ In the event a coach is sent off another BASC approved coach may take over coaching the team for the remaining game time. The replacement coach must be listed as an assistant coach or manager on the official game form or provide proof to the referee that they are an approved coach for BASC (a coach pass card or their team's official game card). If a BASC approved coach is not available as a replacement the match will be terminated by the referee and the outcome decided by the appropriate Games & Disciplinary Committee (forfeiture of the game is a possibility).

⚽️ Coaches are strongly encouraged to discuss this with spectators, players and team staff and to have an assistant coach registered with the club.


⚽️ The Home team (as listed on the schedule) and their spectators shall be seated on the East or North side of the field.

⚽️ The Away (as listed on the schedule) team and their spectators shall be seated on the West or South side of the field.

⚽️ Each team and their respective spectators shall remain on their designated side of the field throughout the match.


⚽️ Teams shall be seated on the side of the field having technical area markings and player benches (where installed). 

⚽️  Coaches are required to remain within their respective technical areas unless invited onto the field of play by the Referee.

⚽️  Only official team coaches/managers as listed on the game form may be in the technical areas and provide instruction to players.

⚽️  Providing coaching instructions from outside of the technical area is not permitted.

⚽️ Spectators shall be seated on the opposite side of the field from the teams (where bleachers are installed on the large fields) and must remain behind the painted standoff line.

⚽️ There shall be NO ACTIVITY in the PENALTY AREA {large box in front of the goal) of the U9-U19 fields pre-game, during halftime or post-game. Teams may be fined $75 for any such activity by their coaches, players or spectators (this includes children).

U6 - U8

          South or West Side of Field

U9 - U19