When are Schedules Ready?

When Are Schedules Ready?


Creating schedules for hundreds of teams with 1700+ players is very time consuming.


A breakdown of the scheduling process is below.

1. Creates all BASC closed league games for our teams ages U6-U12.

2. Works in conjunction with other clubs and the state association to ensure all the Open League, Rec Select, and OPL leagues are scheduled for our teams ages U9 through U19.

Schedules will be posted on our website at the League Schedules link 3-5 days prior to the first game of the season! We will contact coaches via email once the schedule is released.

Due to the lengthy process and the many leagues and clubs involved with scheduling, BASC cannot control the timing of when the schedules are ready. Please be patient while we work diligently to process through all these leagues and teams to create a final schedule – this is a huge job!