Team Fundraisers - BASC Policy

Team Fundraisers - BASC Policy


BASC Team Fundraiser & Donation Policy


BASC does not have any official fundraisers for our club. BASC does not promote or require fundraisers. If a team would like to have a fundraiser, they cannot force any player to participate in the fundraiser. Teams may accept donations to help aide with financial purchases of team uniforms or team equipment.

BASC teams involved with a fundraiser may request a copy of the BASC non-profit (501c3) paperwork in order to prove to a business that the team is affiliated with a non-profit soccer club, but the team may not use this for their own personal or team purposes. Requests for paperwork will be followed up within 3 business days. Teams must be in compliance with IRS 501c3 tax exempt status. The team accepting the donation or doing the fundraiser must obtain all pertinent IRS information, BASC is not obligated to give, send or research the appropriate IRS 501c3 tax exempt information on behalf of the team.

BASC will not use any BASC bank account to deposit or funnel donations or fundraiser monies on behalf of a team or person acting on behalf of the team. The team or person acting on behalf of the team is responsible for reporting all taxable income gained from a team fundraiser or donation.

All teams, committees, members, or representatives of the BASC shall seek and must receive the approval of the Executive Board in order to offer any fund-raising, promotional items bearing the logo of the BASC or offered in connection with an event sponsored by the BASC. The Executive Board shall determine the distribution of the revenues.

No team shall sell individual fundraising items at the concession stand.