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What are Select teams?
In conjunction with OSA, BASC offers members the opportunity to form teams based on relationships outside of the standard club recreational team format; such as those found in neighborhoods, schools, churches, scouts or other affiliations. These teams are considered Select teams. Select teams compete in the OSA Recreational Select League or the OSA Recreational Open League which may offer a higher level of competition than regular (closed or open) recreational soccer leagues.

How are Select teams formed?

In contrast to recreational teams, the rosters of Select teams are formed by the team’s head coach under the guidelines of the BASC Select Team Policy. The team's head coach selects their own team roster.  These teams offer an opportunity for groups to play together which may offer a higher level of competition without the obligations of competitive club participation. 

Are Select Teams considered "competitive"?
No, Select teams are recreational teams and must comply with the requirements for such. All players must play at least ½ of each match and recruiting of players is strictly controlled by the current BASC Standing Resolutions regarding such.  

What are the Select Team Rules and Requirements?

Click to view/download: BASC Select Policy

Select teams participate in recreational soccer. Tryouts are strictly forbidden and all Select players are afforded the same Players Right to Play as any recreational players (i.e. all players must participate in at least 50% of the allotted game time each game).

Submission to BASC of Select teams must be applied for by the team’s Head Coach via submission of a BASC Select Roster Form to the BASC Registrar or the BASC office (the form is available online and in the BASC office). Players will not be placed on Select rosters without a completed player detail and parent/guardian signature on file with the BASC Registrar. Requests for Playing Up shall be accompanied by a completed Play Up Request Form or Team Play Up form and are subject to the same conditions as Recreational players.

Head Coaches are responsible for submission of a newly completed Select roster form to the BASC Registrar or BASC office each Fall season and submission of any roster changes each Spring season by the close of the normal registration period.

Recruiting of players for Select teams shall be in strict compliance with the BASC Standing Resolutions regarding such. Please see the BASC Standing Resolutions regarding recruiting restrictions.

Following the late registration period, players already registered and having current team affiliation will not be permitted to be added to Select team rosters (this is to prevent the late “raiding” of recreation team rosters).

Select teams are permissible for U9 and older teams (due to the fact that there is no place other than BASC Closed Rec league for U6, U7 or U8 the formation of Select teams in these age groups could cause great disparity in competition with no option to remedy through placement in higher divisions).

BASC is not responsible for ensuring Select team rosters are complete and correct. Players not listed on the submitted form(s) will be released from the team roster.

Submission of Select rosters to BASC following the OSA team submission deadline may incur a penalty payable by the team.

Teams choosing to register as a Select team for the spring season must place all players returning from the Fall team roster onto the new Select team; unless a player’s parent or guardian requests placement on another Recreational team.

Players may be added to a Select roster in the Spring or Fall so long as the BASC maximum number of players for the applicable age class is not exceeded.

I coach a recreational team now. Can my team register as a Select team?
Yes – registration of Select teams are open until the close of regular registration. If the upcoming season is the Fall season the roster may be comprised of new and/or existing players so long as the maximum roster size for the age group is not exceeded. If the upcoming season is the Spring season all returning players from the Fall season must be included on any new Select team roster. BASC makes this requirement to ensure that players are not "cut" from a current recreational team to make room for players on a new Select roster.

Who can be on a Select team?
Any player registered with BASC can participate on a Select team. Players currently registered with a competitive club may not participate in Rec or Select.  There are no longer any club bounderies restricting players from outside of Broken Arrow so ALL Oklahoma youths may register with BASC.

Are there tryouts for Rec select teams?
No, Select teams participate in recreational soccer and tryouts are strictly forbidden. Open training sessions can be construed as "tryouts" & are not allowed by BASC. Recruiting of players is also restricted during open seasons so that Select team officials may not approach or otherwise recruit recreational players assigned to another team.  Please see the BASC Standing Resolutions regarding recruiting restrictions.

How does a coach register as Select team?
The team’s head coach must submit completed BASC Select Form to the BASC Registrar or the BASC office with player information and parent/guardian signatures before the regular registration period deadline. This form is available on-line or at the BASC office. Rosters may be revised after submission.

Coaches need to ensure players register online and detail the team and coach’s name in the “Notes” section of the electronic registration. All Select teams must submit new forms each Fall season. Fall forms may be updated or revised for the Spring season. BASC is not responsible for ensuring all players listed on a Select form register. Only registered players listed on the Select Form will be assigned to the team.

Who will Select teams compete against and where?
Select teams will compete in the OSA Recreational Select or OSA Recreational Open League. Matches scheduled as Home games will be played at Indian Springs Soccer Complex and matches scheduled as Away games will be played at the home match sites of the opposing team. OSA leagues will be formed according to the number of teams submitted for the age group and geographical area.

Can a Select team return to the BASC Closed Rec league?
If a Select team performs poorly in the OSA Select League, or loses a significant number of players between seasons, the team’s head coach may request a return to the BASC Closed Rec or OSA Open Recreational League. The request will be considered by the BASC Board, and OSA as applicable, which will base its decision upon the number of returning players, the team’s previous records, the level of competition in the available leagues and the impact upon the BASC Closed or OSA League(s). Alternatively the team may be disbanded and the players allowed to return to the BASC recreational player pool for assignment to another team.

Can players already registered be reassigned to a Select team?
Registered players already affiliated with another team may be transferred to a Select roster so long as the Select Form is submitted prior to the close of the regular registration period. Following this date no affiliated players already registered will be allowed to be transferred to a Select roster.

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